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In this video I explain how you can save £360+ per month off your food and drink shopping by switching your spending to healthier and less expensive Vi products which you can order online.

As a National Director with ViSalus, I am passionate about helping people transform their health using the best nutritional products available.

We never sell people things they don’t need!

We all buy groceries.
We have to eat to survive!
We snack.
We eat out (for the first time in history people spend more eating out than eating in!)
We go to coffee shops.
We eat fast food (we live very busy lives).
We have cheat meals.
We have a junk food drawer or cupboard.
We buy from vending machines.
We drink soft drinks and sodas.

How much does this add up to per person? At least £300 a month when we add everything together.

I will show you how you can switch much of your spending to build your perfect Vi menu using our new custom kits – and maximise your discount to save money and get more healthy!

First of all, aim to get a 10% discount by adding £150 worth of Vi products to your basket, and you immediately save £15 off – so it only costs £135 for £150 worth of meals, snacks, and drinks.

When was the last time you got a 10% discount on your entire grocery shopping from Morrisons, Tescos, Sainsburys, or Asda? Even if you are a keen couponer, you might struggle getting 10% off.

Save even more by building a kit with £300+ worth of products and get a bigger 15% discount and FREE delivery!

No waiting in lines, you can get your custom kit delivered each month automatically, you can change it at any time, you can pause it, or cancel it, and there’s a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all products.

With the 15% discount and free shipping you can save £59 off your order! That’s more than a case of NEON energy drink you’re getting for free!

Here’s where it starts getting really fun!

In the UK 64% of people are overweight or obese, and an even higher percentage of people would like to save £59 off their groceries! We’ve talked about how to get 15% off and free shipping, here’s how to get 100% discount (ie. Free):

Just help three other people to save £59 on their custom kit by getting their 15% discount and free shipping. They will only spend around £240 a month, and get £300 of products!

I highly recommend that you include the Vi Shape mix in your custom kit.

The average cost of a Vi Shake is £1.50 per meal, and it is a complete optimised nutritious meal in a glass. Replace two meals a day for just £3.

If someone spends £15 a day on a couple of meals, and saves £12, that adds up to £360 a month savings!

Subway charge £3 for their lunch, so a £1.50 Vi Shake will even save £1.50 on that!

Why replace a couple of meals a day with Vi Shakes? Because they are meal replacements you can replace a meal with a less expensive shake which has optimised nutrition in it.

So you got £300 worth of products for £250 – AND you are saving up to £360 a month by replacing a couple of meals a day with Vi Shakes!

That’s called being really smart!

Now what if your husband or wife also wants to improve his or her health, or your kids want to do it, or you help some friends or work colleagues to save 15% and get free shipping on their custom kits, then you can save £360 a month and get your custom kit for FREE!!

Please call me on 07967 646039 if you have any questions about any Body by Vi products or the new custom kits.

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I would love to help you get the maximum 15% discount and free shipping by building your custom kit with healthy Visalus products – and even get your kit at a 100% discount (free) through our amazing 3 for free programme.

Visalus products are currently available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, and selected European countries.

For a full list of products and prices please go to click Buy Now, then select your country and language.

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