Savvy MCs meet their clients in an appropriate setting

Wedding MC Secrets#5 The Interview

Meeting the bride and groom is essential and highly recommended for an excellent MC performance. We call the face-to-face meeting 7 to 10 days before the actual day of the wedding “The Interview.”

It’s here that you’ll discover lots of juicy information, interesting stories and humorous anecdotes to work into your speeches, your introductions and announcements.

If you’re in the same city as your clients, arrange the meeting in a mutually convenient and quiet venue. Upmarket boutique coffee shops or cafes are a wise choice – as long as there is a private zone where you can talk without having to raise your voice.

If you meet in a restaurant, don’t eat – it’s distracting. Offer to pay for your own coffee, but let them pick up the bill if they insist without making a fuss.

If you’re not in the same city, meet your clients on Skype.

Here’s a PRO TIP:
Ask the bride and groom to bring along a copy of their wedding invitation to The Interview and then analyse it to gain insight. Ask them about the theme and colour scheme they have chosen for on their invitation. This is never done by chance. The answers will give you a clear indication of what kind of people they are and kind of reception they want

Is it very traditional? Super glamorous? Quirky and fun? You can intuit their style, and they’ll be delighted that you understand their vision so well.

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