Scanner TV Presents: John Lawson

John Lawson, speaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author of, Kick Ass Social Commerce For E-Preneurs, is now an e-commerce and marketing industry leader and internationally sought after speaker. He began life in the projects of New York and dropped out of high school.
He managed to create a successful career and then almost lost it all due to a bad financial decision. He started selling on eBay to prevent bankruptcy and quickly took to e-commerce and left his “job” to become a full time entrepreneur.
He initially sold computers and accessories on eBay during his lunch breaks and weekends. His early videos on YouTube were rough but are still being watched to this day. He eventually moved onto Amazon and his own website. He gave more and more talks and now teaches how to understand customers and market accordingly. He inspires entrepreneurs all over the world with his talks and information.



Come join us and see how we can help you on your commerce journey in a “guru-free” environment.


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