I wanted to share my experience of shopping at both Sephora and Ulta to help you decide which is the best store for you.

Overall, I tend to shop at Sephora more than I do at ULTA because there are typically more store locations for Sephore than Ulta. With that being said, Sephora has two different type of stores, the boutique like smaller stores and the bigger stores that are usually found at the mall.

My experience inside Sephora, regardless of the size of the store has always been similar. As soon as you walk in you will always be greeted by a sales person who would normally ask you if you need help and someone will always approach you throughout your shopping experience. This is good for people who like to be attended to or who need help with finding products. Another key distinguishing feature about Sephora is the kind of products and brand they carry. The many times that I have been in Sephora I was not able to buy a lot because the prices are often on the high end, and their brand selection is also limited.

On the other hand, ULTA has less store locations, their stores tend to be bigger and more well lit, and overall, you do not get any sales person approach you. In addition, ULTA carries more variety of products such as makeup, hair care, and skin care. They also have a lot of diverse products for different skin types and hair type. I was surprised to see they actually carried natural hair products. Overall, I felt shopping at ULTA was more relaxing than in Sephora.

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I believe that beauty is from the inside out, that you deserve to use skin and makeup products that heal and preserve your natural beauty. Products that are made of organic materials that not only protect you, but also protect the environment and animals.
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