Spontaneous Dance Along for Kids, Teens & Adults- Dance Party Brings Fun Fitness

Team Building for Kids, Teens & Adults – Dance Party Ignites Fun Fitness

(Best Day of my Life) 96+ people are spontaneously dancing in an easy dance game that anyone can do. Maggie is leading the whole class in a dance-along to demonstrate the ‘Bodyparts’ Dancing Theme. Two other MUVE teachers share the Center-TRIANGLE, as all others follow loosely. The game is called “Follow the MUSE in the Center,” and is often used at the beginning of a session. Following the MUSE (lead-dancer) is a great way to help students explore movements they would not necessarily think of doing and thereby widening their repertoire of possibilities. Learn about the MUVE Lessons and group activity lesson plans at

This video is from a teenagers and young adults staff training. All participants are brand new to this dance activity.

MUVE Dance-alongs and Dancing Games are easy to do. They help relieve stress, improve physical wellbeing and give people the opportunity to enjoy each other. Kids as well as adults can do the playful dance activities from MUVE no matter their physical shape or age because everyone adjusts their own movements to their own needs.

When you invite MUVE to do a workshop with your staff, faculty, assembly or party guests we will usually start with a simple dance following a MUSE. But very soon everyone gets to explore their own moves and then share them with their co-dancers. Invite a MUVE educator to “animate” your office meeting or party. Learn more at

You can learn to teach these games yourself at the MUVE website For help hire a MUVE Educator to lead your group into a fun collective mass physical activity game.

Find info on the MUVE Method, the the comprehensive school physical activity program and curriculum as well as over 180 dance-along videos for seniors, adults and kids on the website

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  1. MUVEmethod
    October 16, 2014

    MUVE dance games can be done with small or large groups. We are dancing with over 90 students here! We celebrate creativity, teamwork, and self expression through Dance. We utilize fun fitness & music. 

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