SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne Job Search Strategies for Mature Workers Sue Ellson

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SpotJobs Career Expo Melbourne – Job Search Strategies for Mature Workers with Sue Ellson BBus MIML MAHRI CDAA ASA MPC

Sue Ellson is the author of ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn,’ ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business’ and ‘120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally’ all available online at and a Professional Member (Career Development Practitioner) for the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

#1 Understand your highest values and purpose
. visualise very clearly what you are seeking
. create a framework for decision making
. make sure it is realistic

#2 Identify the people, processes and possibilities
. seek referrals via networking
. creatively source opportunities
. be willing to research and ask questions

#3 Watch out for your limiting beliefs
. are you using anecdotal information?
. have you made any assumptions?
. are other people influencing you negatively?


#4 Have you set a realistic time frame?
. do you need to start something now?
. have you created steps for your future?
. are you taking action? (2 hours per day, 5 days per week)


#5 What capital do you already have?
. social, intellectual, cultural, financial, gratitude, operating, relationship, credibility, influence
. can you use it more effectively?


#6 Have you accepted FULL responsibility for your success?
. the best actions for your purpose and aligned with your values
. asking for independent professional help

#7 What does your online and offline profile look like?
. LinkedIn? Facebook? Everything else?
. your resume and cover letters (personalised)
. are you digitally competent?

#8 How much dynamic and lifetime value do you have?
. online – are you current and active?
. offline – do you maintain and create new relationships?
. it never stops

#9 Will you pay to play?
. education and professional development
. professional coaching or advice
. look after your health

#10 Are you courteous?
. smile even when you are concentrating
. say thank you
. always follow up

#11 Are you courageous?
. are you willing to say no to the wrong option?
. are you willing to go outside your comfort zone?
. are you willing to feel the fear and do it anyway?

#12 Are you using multiple concurrent strategies?
. across multiple channels
. are you well organised and following up?
. are you prepared for interviews?

#13 Do you understand your target audience?
. have you personalised your approach?
. do they have the information they need?
. are you ready to provide more information?

#14 Have you looked at value rather than price?
. increase your real, perceived, referral, clarity, reciprocity, uncertainty, pricing, human, asset and investment value
. describe the benefits not the features

#15 Narrow your net
. you need to repel the wrong opportunities
. you need to attract the right opportunities
. make your message crystal clear

#16 Are you ready for the jobs of the future?
. digital competency not just literacy
. new expectations
. constantly learning

#17 Are you ready for the Gig Economy?
. different work modes
. different work sources
. sharing economy

#18 Are you a lifelong learner?
. change is constant, so keep learning
. use automatic and personal tools
. be willing to let go of what used to work

#19 Overcome your challenges and develop your brand
. it won’t always be easy, so be ready
. remember your values and purpose
. build a long term brand

#20 Your Network is your Net Worth
. how will you manage it? (LinkedIn?)
. how will you maintain it? (contact VIP’s three times per year)
. how will you give back to it?

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