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The Yazdani Studio of international design firm CannonDesign recently revealed its new living unit, dubbed Sleeping Pod, that will serve as diminutive digs for students at the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios. Featuring everything you’d expect to see in a dorm room shoehorned into a small package, Sleeping Pod could also prove a good fit …

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That’s all folks, the search ends here! Presenting The Pod – The perfect space for you to Sleep, Work, and Play. First-of-its-kind, never-seen-before in India, the Pod has everything (and we mean everything) at your arm’s length. Did we hear you say “What the BED”!? Rent now

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What if we told you we could give you a way to never have to get out of bed? What the bed! Presenting the Pod from Furlenco. It’s not furniture, it’s not a bed, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. What is it? Find out!

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Relocatable or permanent quality G-Pod homes and shacks made from shipping containers from . These are from our G-Pod Container Home range. Short time from order to move in. Other options include going off-grid with an solar battery system. More information can be found at The new G-pod shipping container home hopes to stand out …

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for more Viral Travel News from Earth to Space and beyond Floating Hotel Pod Driftscape Driftscape Mobile Resort Outchemy Driftscape hotel Mobile Resort Off Grid Hotel Pod hotel pod vezi hotel pods hotel pod bialym orlem krakow hotel pod debami hotel pod en new york hotel pod gatwick hotel pod hradom hotel pod investment japanese …

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We visit The Log Pod Ltd at their manufacturing site in Carmarthenshire, Wales to discuss how Metrotile Shingle has become the premier roof material choice for their innovative home & leisure log pods. Produced by Band Films

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A new solution to the homeless crisis is being built in 4 weeks for €20,000. The converted 20ft container will accommodate one person as a mobile sleeping pod with ensuite that can be located around the country at short notice. The project has been designed by Ceardean Architects who previously designed the “Ripple Container Home” …

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The boys continue talking about their favorite cult films. You can find The Nine Billion Names of Pod all up in your internets: LISTEN! CONTACT!

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Grab your beads, shave your heads, and give away all your worldly possessions because the boys are taking on cult films! You’ve seen ’em, you love ’em. Just remember to politely decline the Kool Aid. You can find The Nine Billion Names of Pod all up in your internets: LISTEN! CONTACT!

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In the late ‘70s, Metabolist architect Kisho Kurokawa (designer of the Nakagin capsule tower) dreamt up “a hotel for 2001”. The idea was to do away with rooms and implement simple crawl spaces for sleeping. Today the capsule hotel concept is well-known in Japan. Originally popularized by businesspeople who missed the last train, these sleeping …

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