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This week on the show the boys compete against one another to place songs with the famous movie that they are in! You really do not want to miss this one folks!! Steve, the bushmaster himself, sings in French, a Disney Float catches fire and Steve gets ripped by his co-hosts……again. Don’t miss our favorite …

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Michael Mann is world famous for his hard-hitting, realistic, Oscar-nominated crime dramas, but he also directed the World War II horror movie THE KEEP, a supernatural thriller that got so mangled that Michael Mann tried to keep it from being released for many, many years. How bad is THE KEEP, really? And why is it …

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Full Show Notes: Episode Freebie: Join the Productivity Straight Talk Community: ====================================================== Website | Podcast | Listen on iTunes | Facebook | Instagram | /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FREEBIES: Want more tips and strategies to improve your personal productivity? Download this free Time Maximizers Cheat Sheet at STOP Screwing Your Productivity Today! Download Top 10 Ways You’re Screwing …

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Thanks for listening! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Check out our dumb deals on Patreon: Will Shazam ever get to theaters? Will Tom Hardy himself be a better hero than Tom Hardy playing Venom? Will Dondo ever find love? Find out on the very first installment of Early Access Garbage! Today we discuss …

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Evolve to Win Podcast: Albert Mategrano – Team-Building and Leadership Today we’ll talk to retired Lieutenant Colonel Al Mategrano about some of the most important leadership lessons he’s learned over the years and during his time in the Army. He’ll talk about some of his greatest mentors and what he learned from them, and how …

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This week the Monster Men discuss Hunter Shea’s list of must see ghost movies. This top ten list is sure to cause a few arguments, but regardless, there are a lot of great movies here. Jack chimes in with a couple of his own as well. The list includes, in no particular order; The Haunting, …

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Source: This week we review 3 films from 1967 (50 years old to match our 50th podcast) They are: Casino Royale, You only live twice, Son of Godzilla. Our short film this week is: The Audition

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Source: This week we are joined by long time friend Garry and talk about post apocalyptic movies: Re review short film: Family Values and feature films: Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes (the origional)

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Source: This week we are joined by actress Grainne McDermott and talk about powerfull woman in lead roles. Re review the short film: Swiped Away and feature films: Mildred Pierce and Run Lola Run.

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