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I got a new job from UpWork! I have been hired to wring an ebook for $200. This 30 Day Digital Nomad Challenge has been quite an experience and I will continue on this work going forward.

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In this video Josh explains why writers should aspire to be more, by setting giant goals. Follow Josh on Twitter: @Joshumusprime Or Facebook: OR… read Josh’s blog here: And he has a book on military transitions here:

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Take my full course on how to create a business plan: And check out my highly rated book on how to write a business plan: Get more business help to write a coffee shop business plan and start your coffee shop with my business apps: If you are looking to write a coffee shop business …

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Tips for Writing: Public Places and Relaxing Sounds to Improve Focus by David Duhr WriteByNight This video gives tips for writing in public places—on a bus, a train, in coffee shops, libraries, etc. David also gives tips to improve focus and concentration, such as listening to calm, relaxing sounds like ocean waves or the sound …

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