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This employee development Business Blog Article is for Business Owners and Managers that want to help their team grow from the inside out. I have a few ideas that I have learned from raising my kids and from building teams in the past that I believe you will find helpful in the professional development of your staff.
Employee Training Experiment Inspired By My 4 Year Old

This concept for training and developing employees started a few months ago… when I noticed my four year old daughter was trying things, experimenting with developmental ideas as well as have misunderstandings that I had as a child. Many of these misunderstanding had to do with how they approached the activity of doing something, how much they believed in themselves around accomplishing a specific task and or an attitude they had about an experience.

Now once I started looking for and tracking some of the challenges I had at their development I started to notice a ton of very rewarding opportunities to teach and to help them evolve much faster than I did at their age. But there was also a simple method that I used to get them to actually want to learn with me.

Always trying to be one of the best business coaches… the first thing I thought of was how… most of my employees are doing things that I had a level of experience with. So what I started to do is use the same development model I used to teach my kids on them..

Employee Training and Development with a simple conversation

My first step in my employee development and training process was to ask them about the challenges that I had when I was in their place.

And If they had similar challenges I would make sure they knew I was interested in them and how they handled them. I lead with questions and interest first because it seemed to make it a safe place to talk about their challenges.

What I then did is ask them what they thought was the solution. It was the natural course of the conversation but it also seemed to put them in the mode of solving the problem. My next step was to provided what I thought might help my employee. But because I did that last they seemed to be much more open to my experience and much more likely to consistently model what I taught them.

I am telling you this because to master your business of isn’t one skill. Its one hundred thousand little lessons that come from years of your own professional development. And one way you can increase the efficiency, effectiveness and profit of your employees is to help train them with your experience. But most of your employees just don’t consciously know what they don’t know about your business. So I want encourage you to find ways to help them want to learn from you…then find ways to teach your employees so they can reach their potential in our business and for your business. Are you up to the challenge?

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