The Most Disgusting Shared Apartment You Ever Seen

Overpopulated house, unhealthy living environment, dirty kitchen and bathroom, strong unpleasant smell, mountained garbage, unwashed dishes, rotten food……every single day you see them over and over again, and they are only getting worse. Even you try so many times to communicate with your flatmates and try so hard to clean them all, it never last for a day.

How long can you live under this circumstance?

I’ve lived in this place for one year, and what I find terrible is that we paid more money than it is and nobody ever care about this terrible situation we have. For example, the school noticed the problem of cleanness and every problem, the teachers/officers/agency know it and the landlords of the apartment know it, too, but they care about the contract and the profit they earn more than our health and the basic need of being a human. They don’t want to spend any time or attention on it.

Of course, if the people who live in the house clean it properly, the environment will be lot better. Unfortunately, there is the one-child- policy in China, and most of the only child in the family does not have to learn how to clean, how to cook and how to respect others. Their family spoil them. In their concept, as long as they receive good grades in school, they have done their responsibility as a son/daughter. They do not have to learn any other things other than the academic field.

I was so sad and hopeless. I was so depressed, and I get sick a lot. I can’t change the situation. I can’t go away, because I already paid. I didn’t pass the exam. I spend a whole year for this, for nothing, for unhealthiness, for unhappiness and depression. I couldn’t tell my family, because I don’t want them to worry about me. I told my friends in Taiwan, but I can feel that they couldn’t fully understand it. So I decided to record it. To tell other people how terrible it is. To warn others how bad it could be. Choose your future carefully. It could happen in Germany, it can happen in any place.

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