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On today’s episode of EventPlanning BlueprintTV, I’m talking to long-time event planner, Elisa Delgardio. Elisa has been in business since 1997 and for the majority of her career she’s been on her own. The other times she only had a small team to assist her.

So, how’d she do it on her own?

Watch as Elisa talks about:
• Where creativity comes from — Elisa’s a “think outside the box” kinda planner (0:49)
• How collaborating and working with other event professionals can give you tremendous insight into event planning (2:12)
• How to surround yourself with high quality people (8:06)
• Why Google can cause problems for you as an event planner (9:56)
• The benefits of choosing the right event planning accreditation (14:46)

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