To Shop Keepers and Business Owners Best Loyalty Program

Beep was established in 2013 and it has a goal to turn the loyalty business around the World on its head. It is the first in the World to successfully use real money not points or confusing (sometimes embarrassing) vouchers. The discount awarded in Beep stores is real money which can be used to buy goods and services anywhere in the World and it automatically converts to whatever currency the user is shopping in.

For Shop Keepers and Business Owners Best Loyalty Program

Beep is the first company in the World that successfully takes the real cash awarded in one shop and enables it to be instantly credited for goods and services in completely separate stores.
Beep is also the first company in the World that takes 20% of its transaction revenue and pays it back to the shop or business owner who first registered their customers. Now for the first time store owners get paid when their customers shop in other businesses that are nothing to do with them, which gives the business owners a vested financial interest in promoting the Beep loyalty card or App to their customers.
Have you ever wondered why loyalty projects tend not to work? It’s mainly because the stores in the participating cluster have no financial interest in making it work, with Beep they do.
Individual loyalty in individual stores is unpopular because customers don’t want a wallet or purse full of cards they hardly use. Beep transcends all of these issues.
In beta testing Beep recruited free sales representatives to test the market demand and 65,000 people joined in 192 countries (the World only has 206 countries). However the demands of business to business sales and support plus the constant testing and improvements to the vast IT platform that Beep has meant that it required a professional business to business sales team.
The working cluster models to train this sales team will be ready in a few months and amazingly only 10 sales team members will generate a small dividend to shareholders after which the explosion of growth will happen.
The company has the entire platform functioning and is capable of running loyalty systems in literally any customer business.
Beep also has another World first which is a non-jurisdictional Cloud Bank capable of moving any amount of money from any part of the World to another in one tenth of a second with complete compliance with regulations and security, whilst providing clients with complete privacy that is better than offshore banking as it is “allshore banking”. This company was established to support the operations of BeepXtra and is set to take on a life of its own due to enormous demand for its service.

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