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Top Chaumont Bakery: Chaumont Bakery: bakery chaumont

top chaumont beverly-hills chaumont bakery


Expertise in Hospitality Consulting

• Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Boutique Hotels Identity
• Excellence in Training Services and Recruitment
• Development & Online Presence
• Local and Social Events


Businesses succeed or fail based on the food and service experiences that they deliver for the price. While most restaurants offer a food menu that reflects a defined type of cuisine or style, many fail to create an accompanying style or type of service that enhances their customers’ total experience.

What we do is work with restaurant owners and managers to create a service identity and the discipline it takes to express that identity through its talents.

• Creating a Service Identity and a Manual of Style
• Training Managers, Servers and Kitchen Staffs
• Creating Repeatable Experiences
• Strategic and Social Marketing
• Measurements and Tracking Results
• Financial Planning, Executing and Implementation
• Business and Personal Financial Goals

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All of Your Concierge Needs with a Classy French Touch:

GreaterLos Angeles/Virtual: Simplify Your Life with a Personal Concierge (Bookings, Personal Shopper, Virtual Assistant Services). We save you time and headaches. You will have more time for yourself.

During your stay, we can be your personal, virtual concierge. We can include specific information and advice on the topics of importance to you, like helping you plan your travel (fly/hotel/rental/transportation) where to stay, eat and what to do, depending on your preferences.

We can make reservations and get you the best tables and service in town. We can also review menus with you and help you decide what to order, especially if you have a special diet/requirement or need to save time. We can schedule/organize and plan your visit to LA entertainment spots, concert halls, live events, red carpets, music venues, live bands, clubs, weekends to Las Vegas and more. We can assist you via Skype, mobile, e-mail or in person (LA) to deal with any problems or issues that come up while you are here. You can feel confident and have peace of mind that you are receiving objective guidance and our full attention to your satisfaction.

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