Trick or Treat Radio Episode110 – Leprechaun Factory

This week we are joined by our good buddy Bobby Chaynz. His knowledge of cult and sleaze is off the hook, but unfortunately it isn’t needed this week as we review the new WWE Studios’ films, Leprechaun: Origins. Oh boy, this one is a doozy folks! Also, Marz and our listeners list the 13 films we wish Scream/Shout Factory would release! We’ve also got info on some upcoming Deadites projects! So grab your green hat and coat, your lucky charms and strap on for Episode 110!!

Topics discussed: Trick or Treat Radio After Dark, The Return of Flight of The Conchords and Faith No More, See No Evil 2, Scream/Shout Factory, the 2011 Sid Haig joint creature, Mr. Vampire, Jupiter 8, Basket Case, Curse of Chuckie, Hey Man Nice Shot, what makes a leprechaun?, Dynamo’s list making shortcomings, Zach Lipovsky, movie soundtracks, Pumpkinhead, Maurice the Pants Man, Willow Creek, looooong end credits, Jennifer Aniston, thongs, Psychomania, The Day, Trick or Treat Radio TV fall lineup, hard R, No One Lives, Eb – The Anti-Dynamo, Brendan Fletcher, the grammar of origins, The Slayer, shats, places you back to school shopped when you were a kid, F.I.L.T.H., The Descent, the tone of WWE films, “little girls shouldn’t pick shamrocks in the evening”, not seeing the monster, giving people what they want, FX and Effects, the type of movies that made money 20 years ago, The Final Terror, definition of leprechaun, Rigor Mortis, Tic Tacs, Grant’s Department store, Sheamus, Chopping Mall, See No Evil, Code Red Video, Hornswoggle, WWE Films, April Fools Day, and Luan drops some Chinese Hopping Vampire knowledge!

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