What is Co-Living?

London Nest create the foundation to transform people’s lives and provide top quality co-living accommodation for people that are looking to work and study in London.

Co-living is one of the most successful ways of integrating new international students into city life. From our experience, International students often struggle with moving to a new city, this is because they don’t yet have many friends and everywhere they go is completely new.

London Nest has the world’s largest co-living accommodation building as one of its student accommodation offerings. Co-living is a way of instantly integrating new overseas arrivals into a plug and play environment that allows them to have the instant support they need. It also gives them everything they require to instantly feel accustomed in their new city.

Watch our video and read the blog post here: listen to Ed Thomas and Maria explain about co-living, why it has been created and their own experiences of living in it.

To learn more about how we can help you find the best student accommodation in London, get in touch with a member of our team by phone on +44(0)20 7697 0009, by email info@londonnestltd.com or visit us at www.londonnest.com for more information.

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