What is Specialty Coffee? by Catalina Cafe’

Catalina Cafe’ from Tallahassee, FL creates a video to enter in the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s video contest finishing the phrase: Specialty Coffee is…

Catalina Cafe’ is a unique Tallahassee concept that features locally roasted and organic coffees with “On-Demand” Brew Options like the Tru Bru Pour-Over System or the AeroPress. Our delicious sandwiches and Paninis are made with quality ingredients and fresh vegetables. All of our breads and baked goods are freshly baked daily with different options every week!

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  1. techn0c
    February 11, 2012

    dang, 1080p makes the image crispy 😀 Delicious coffee over at the Catalina Cafe! Get the Black Widow–not for the caffeine sensitive.

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