Why You Should Drink Coffee & Espresso If You Feel Tired All The Time

drinking coffee helps

We’ve all been there. We wake up, go to work and feel sleepy after an hour.

I’ve been dealing with this for 4 years, ever since I started working. I always noticed my colleagues were full of energy and talkative, even early in the morning. One day I had enough and I decided to ask them what was the secret.

To my surprise, it wasn’t something surprising. They all recommended Coffee. I’ve never drunk coffee before, and I’ve never been a huge fan of it before I realized the benefits it has to offer.

The next morning, i decided to give it a try, and i got myself an espresso from the local coffee shop close to our workplace.

The result? It was amazing.  I really hated myself for not doing this earlier, because as i said earlier, I’ve struggled with sleep and tiredness ever since i started working at an office job.

After i got those amazing results, i decided to dig in deeper and see what are the benefits of coffee. Here’s what i found:

Coffee Improves productivity

It might be hard to believe, but trust me, it does. I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to get more work done within a shorter time when I drink coffee, so I’ve made coffee one of my primary things when i wake up. I did some research and was able to find an espresso machine for my home. I’ve been an espresso drinker ever since, and I’m loving it. If you don’t want to deal with all the mess that an espresso machine creates, then i recommend you try to find the best pod coffee machines for your needs. They are easier to operate.

Improves Physical Performance

Ever since i was 19 years old, I’ve been attending the gym at least three times a week. When I started drinking coffee, I noticed a serious improvement in my performance. In my experience, It doesn’t help you lift more, but it will definitely help you go through the reps easier. When you are tired, you don’t feel like lifting weight, so, coffee can help with that. Another good thing is that it can reduce post-workout muscle pain by up to 48% according to some studies.

Reduces Depression 

If you’ve been struggling with depression, i am sure coffee can help. There have been many studies on this topic, and the conclusion on all of them was that people that have some coffee intake during the day are less likely to suffer from depression.

It makes you more aware

I hate to admit it, but i am addicted to online gaming. I’ve been playing games my whole life, but since i started to drink coffee i’ve noticed that my awareness on online games has become better, and i can overall perform better. At first, i thought this was a coincidence, but after doing a bit of research, i saw that most e-sports teams take some form of caffeine during their training sessions and events.

This is also true for real-life situations too, not just gaming. I’ve seen the biggest increase in awareness during gaming, so that’s why i am mentioning that.


There you have it. I mentioned all the things that happened to me after i started drinking coffee. Right now, i always make sure i drink at least one cup of espresso before i go to work or i go out to do any activities, and i think i can’t live without it anymore.


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