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What is Big Idea Mastermind?

Big Idea Mastermind is an internet marketing community that
Gives its members the power to create massive results with
Empower Network without experiencing the common problems,
challenges, and pitfalls most people experience when starting a

In addition to the world-class wealth creation and self
development education, elite internet marketing training and
superior marketing system; Big Idea Mastermind provides its
members a MASSIVE advantage and ability to earn 100% of the
commissions on all product sales with Empower Network.

How Much Money Can You Make?
The amount of money you can make is completely up to you.
Without knowing who you are, what you look like, or where you
came from, we can tell you that the two most important factors
that influence and impact your ability to achieve greatness and
success in this business are your Mindset and Attitude.

If you get in right now with an “ALL IN‟ mentality (giving this
100% of your energy and focus), follow the 30 day step-by-step
action plan we give you, and work relentlessly until you have a
breakthrough, absolutely nothing can stop you from making any
amount of money you desire.

There are people who join with the intention of making an extra
$1000 to $5,000 per month and then there are others who
consistently earn upwards of $1000 – $15,000 per day!

It really comes down to your personal goals, aspirations, and
dreams, along with how much willingness and work, energy,
focus, time, effort, and resources you put into your business.

How Fast Can You Make Money?

It depends….how fast do you want it? We have people who earn
thousands in their first month..first week.. or even their first DAY.
Making money fast is simple when you’re using a proven system
that pays you 100% of the money when a sale is made, so it all
depends on how quickly you can get into action and follow our

Will I Get Personal Support?

As a part of Big Idea Mastermind, not only will you have the
support of the entire team via our online community, you’ll also
get access to our Weekly webinars hosted every week by a 7-figure
earner, Vick Strizheus! On those live webinars expect to get the
most up to date news, updates and strategies designed to get you
to the next level of your business.

What does it cost to get started?

Big Idea Mastermind has five different levels that you can choose
from (more info on the levels below). Ranging from $25 all the
way up to $3,500..but remember, you’ll get your investment
back with only one person you sign up since they pay you 100%
commissions when you choose to become an affiliate with
Empower Network.

To do that there is a $19.95/month affiliate fee to participate
in the business opportunity and earn 100% commissions.

When and How Do I Get Paid?

Affiliates are paid every Friday. Your commissions are deposited
into your E-Wallet account (see above). From there, you can
either transfer it to your checking account, withdraw it from an
ATM machine or spend it with our own MasterCard debit card.

Do I have to attend Meetings or Host Parties?

Well, you could, but do you really want to? We want you to make
money from home….not from someone else’s home. 😉

So, you’ll never have to do 1-on-1 presentations in coffee
shops….do little milk-and-cookie parties in people’s living
rooms….or stand up in front of a hotel meeting to explain
anything. This is about you making money by using a simple
online marketing system for about 1-2 hours per day.

Do I Have To Do Phone Prospecting?

Nope, we actually don’t allow it until after someone is already on
your team.

I’m just kidding of course, if you love to calling leads all day, go
for it, but we don’t recommend it if you want to build a business
and live the life of your dreams.

That’s what it’s all about, right?

Do you REALLY dream about being on the phone all day?

Didn’t think so…

Many of our top earners haven’t picked up a phone to call their
leads in years. The online system is designed to provide your
prospects with all the information they need to make a relaxed
and intelligent decision without talking to you personally.

Can I Do This Part-Time?
Most people start part-time alongside whatever else they’re
currently doing: a job; another business; raising children, etc.
So you can start in Empower Network with as little as 45 minutes
per day and then “scale up” from there as your income grows.
Some of our top earners are only working in Empower Network 2-
3 hours a day and earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Now It’s Your turn!

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