Working At Home vs. Working At A Coffee Shop

The world is changing. With globalization, people across the world are embracing alternative forms of employment. As per a report published by software company Intuit, in the US itself, the percentage of contingent workers will exceed by 40% by 2020.  Countless individuals are changing their career path by reconsidering and restructuring how and where they work. Today workers prefer to choose the place of work as per their comfort zone that can be their home, coffee shop or any other coworking space. If you are the one who is thinking of working remotely, then you can consider working from home and working at a coffee shop. Preference of your workplace is solely your personal choice. Here are the reasons for considering and not considering your home or a coffee shop as your workplace. Weigh the pros and cons of each discussed below and decide for yourself.

Working @ Home: Pros & Cons

Work from home is the oldest and a great option with many perks. It is one of the natural choices that allow you to work as soon as you get up. You can also work until midnight from the comfort of your home. You can always personalize your workspace at home as per your needs like customized chairs, desks, & other facilities to enhance the work experience.  Here are some more advantages of working from home along with disadvantages.


  • Work from home helps moms to manage home, kids and work well.
  • You don’t have to pay any charges for eating like in-office café.
  • You feel more relaxed and thus give in your best.
  • Save on commuting hassle, hence more time for work.
  • No botheration of office politics and code of conduct
  • Homes can be too comfortable, at times making you lazy. Self-discipline is what you need.
  • Sometimes you are unable to ignore household work thus hampering your productivity.
  • No matter how well you create your home workstation, yet you cannot replicate the ambiance at the office.

Working @ Coffee Shop: Pros & Cons

Coffee shops have a quiet and positive atmosphere.  If it is one that is helpful in working with more people doing the same, it helps boost productivity. With like-minded people around, it certainly helps. Here are some more advantages of working at a coffee shop along with disadvantages.


  • Cafés have a stress-free setting that allows you to work for hours with concentration.
  • The atmosphere is ideal for freelancers who set their own deadlines.
  • Usually, there is no distraction in cafes that are conducive for work.
  • You can take a break and socialize for a while if you are a regular and know people around.
  • Sipping a cup of coffee while working will enhance your overall work productivity as well.

Why Not

  • Visiting cafes every day can be expensive in the long run.
  • Some cafes can be very loud and noisy making it impossible to work from there.

So, working from home and cafes has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose an option that best fits your needs, personal choice, preferences and budget. If you are confused, you can try both and then decide which works better for you.




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