YouTube Video Ideas

Coming up with the best YouTube video ideas can be a challenge so in this video I’m going to give you 28 ideas for new YouTube videos.

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YouTube Video Ideas:

1. Make a video about why people don’t get along.

2. Make a video about why you think people should get along.

3. Make one about how to get people to like you.

4. Make a video about how to get someone you’re interested in as a boyfriend or girlfriend to like you.

5. Make one about what’s wrong with the world.

6. Your personal top 3 movie list and why you like them.

7. Your personal top 5 song or artist list.

8. Describe your perfect day.

9. Describe what you would do if you didn’t have to work.

10. Make a commentary about something that’s trending on YouTube.

11. Talk about the most annoying people at coffee shops, restaurants and so on.

12. Talk about the coolest people at coffee shops, restaruants and so on. (cool staff, cool customers, etc.)

13. Talk about the most annoying people on social media.

14. Talk about the coolest people on social media.

15. Make a video about how you came to be who you are. (your story)

16. Do a rapid fire interview with a friend.

17. Talk about a struggle you have overcome.

18. Talk about the apps in your phone and why you like or don’t like them.

19. Describe in detail what your perfect mate would be.

20. Talk about what your perfect job would be.

21. Share the best way to do something that you’re good at.

22. Talk about bad habits and the struggles you have with them.

23. Talk about what you would change if you were supreme ruler of earth.

24. Come up with a movie idea and share it with your viewers.

25. Go shopping and talk about the stuff you bought, didn’t by or things you wanted to buy.

26. Spread the love and talk about your favorite vloggers.

27. You could talk about your favorite top 5 or 10 YouTube videos of all time.

28. You could make a video asking your subscribers what kind of videos they want you to make…and make them.

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